D J   Y U J O Y

ecstatic dance

R E C E N T  P L A Y L I S T S



Shake, jump, and dance your story to find your true self.

Ecstatic Dance is a deep and conscious dance practice based on 5 rhythms map. It designed to help you to fully express yourself through the movement and embodied journey.

Being simple and exhilarating dance practice, it has no steps and requires no experience – suitable for all.

Ecstatic Dance is a term being used now around the world to describe the ancient form of trance dance integrated in a modern shape and music. Instead of talk therapy there are those of us who need dance therapy. From the Beginning of time we humans have been “dancing with our gods” as long as we have had a conception of the divine. We have spun around the fires of humanity and moved to the beat of the earths pulse. We have sounded into the mystery and found ourselves in crevices of the ethers, shaking our bodies into the place of harmony and freedom.

About YUJOY (Dj/Facilitator) 

YUJOY is a musician, producer, DJ and traveler who unites and connects people through his soulful and vibrant world music.

He is actively touring worldwide with his live performances and dj sets actively collaborating with many artists across the globe.  

Six years ago Yury Avi found himself at 5rhythms class in Melbourne, Australia and his life has never been the same again. Through the last few years he had practiced and studied a variety of movement practices such as 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Freedom Dance, Contact Impro and Osho Dynamic Meditations. Over the past 5 years he has held numerous Ecstatic Dance sessions and workshops and guided many people through the dance journeys in Russia, Australia, Peru, India, Greece, Switzerland and Portugal. His connection and sense of music is deep as his main occupation is singer/songwriter, producer and dj known as YUJOY.

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