world soul music

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YUJOY  is a musician, producer, DJ and traveler who unites and connects people through his soulful and vibrant music inspired by  world cultures and travels.


 He is actively touring internationally, performing live, djing, recording music, hosting workshops and retreats in collaboration with talented musicians, producers, artist and active people across the globe.  


 With his music he is spreading the vision of a new world  where nature, self expression, love, consciousness, harmony and freedom are the core values.

 His soulful music performances and dj sets are directed from heart to heart in inspiring, deep, uplifting  and ecstatic way creating unique atmosphere and  journey for the participants of the show.


Yujoy's ability to connect with people, bring them together and touch their hearts has been his most powerful gift.

Yujoy's concerts and dj sets are a mixture of different genres of  world music  including soul, reggae, indie folk, afrobeat, funk, and electronic dance music. His music is inspired by countless travels around the world and encounters with vibrant music cultures from Australia to Peru.